Our lab is still working hard (and having plenty of Zoom meetings) in spite of Covid-19!

Alyssa Kaser joins the lab as a Research Assistant!

Breanna and Fiona presented a poster for the SWIM study at the 2018 Research on Aging Showcase!

Our lab is still working hard (and having plenty of Zoom meetings) in spite of Covid-19!


August 2017 - Michelle Carlson featured in INC magazine as an "innovative person improving brain health and performance"

Jan. 2016 - "Building cognitive reserve: do computer games really work?"
Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation

Jan. 2015 - "Tackling Challenges of Education and Health Together"
Huffinton Post

Jun. 2014 - "Making Aging Positive"
Huffinton Post

Feb. 2012 - "Harnessing the Wisdom of the Ages"
American Psychological Association

Jun. 2011 - "Promoting Healthy, Meaningful Aging Through Social Involvement: Building an Experience Corps"
The Dana Foundation: Cerebrum

May 2011 - "Benefits of the Baltimore Experience Corps Volunteer Program: Interview with Michelle Carlson" [Video]

Jun. 2010 - "Tutoring Students Might Lower Dementia Risk in Older Americans" [Video]
Voice of America

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Apr. 2010 - "Tutoring Benefits Seniors' Health, Students' Skills"
USA Today

Mar. 2010 - "Alzheimer's, Aging and Elementary Schools" [Audio]

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Mar. 2010 - "Gray Matters"
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Magazine

Feb. 2010 - "When Seniors Tutor Kids They Sharpen Their Own Minds As Well"
U.S. News & World Report

Feb. 2010 - "Reviewers Give Experience Corps Study a Pat on the Back"
Education Week

Jan. 2010 - "Schooling the Aging Brain"
The New York Times

Dec. 2009 - "For Older Adults, Participating in Social Service Activities Can Improve Brain Functions"
Johns Hopkins School of Public Health News

Dec. 2009 - "Johns Hopkins Study Confirms Experience Corps Improves Older Adults' Cognitive Ability and Overall Health and Well-Being"
AARP Experience Corps

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June 2018 - Michelle Carlson featured in JHSPH magazine featuring video game starring Bandit the Dolphin that aims to strengthen aging brains

Aug. 2009 - "Boost Brain Power 24 Hours a Day"
Prevention Magazine

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Jun. 2009 - "Experts Reveal Best Ways to Save an Aging Brain"